• The Knowledge and Experience of Family Law Attorney Brad Micklin

  • Posted on November 20, 2017
  • Regardless of his level of raw knowledge, family law attorney Brad Micklin understands that being able to empathize with what his client and his client's family are going through is enormously important. That is one key reason why he takes as much time as is necessary to discuss every single detail of every single aspect of the case before him to each and every one of his clients. In addition to making sure they understand what is going on, Brad Micklin also works very hard to understand the client’s hopes, as well as their fears, and also what they hope to achieve with the family law litigation they are involved in. Free and open communication is simply an absolute necessity in every family law case.

    While Brad Micklin's clients are usually impressed by how much he knows about family law in New Jersey, they also are impressed by how much time he spends with them, trying to teach them what they need to know. Brad Micklin is well-known for his tendency to explain things to clients, as well as his willingness to share everything he knows with clients. He has dinner with them, and he continually slips them relevant articles and other resources to them, so they can better understand what is happening to them.

    As a litigator in New Jersey family law, Brad Micklin has helped his clients get some of the best results possible. For example, Brad once argued a case that served to define terms in New Jersey divorce law regarding limited duration alimony and its modification. In addition to his litigation and family mediation experience, Brad also has served as a commercial arbitrator in Union County, New Jersey.

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